CURLS AND CARROTS… We thrive on sharing homemade, colorful food, memories and thoughts with family, friends and community. It’s all about kindness, generosity, sharing, supporting, living and learning.



Currently Midwest-based, the Curls and Carrot Clan (including three little munchkins) is busy whipping-up fun food and making great memories in the kitchen. We’ve lived all over the USA (and beyond) and are better for it. Our culinary creations reflect on the nostalgia of meals shared and places explored.

Even th blittlest of the curly-headed crew love veggies, especially carrots. The two “oldies but goodies” enjoy vibrant  meals with sides of three major food groups: fabulous wine, cheese and chocolate.

*The hubby may take a great microbrew over vino…

“Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto.” – Violetta Parra

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably work you should be doing for the rest of your life.” – Jessica Hische

114 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Shanna, I love that you chose the quote gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto. Lots of us need to slow down and be reminded of just how lucky we are with what we have. xx

    1. Thank you, Sofia. I could not agree more. I read your recent post on papayapieces.com about the “grumpy people” in the subway and how a friendly stranger stands out. It resonated a similar message – sometimes we all need to take a step back and remember how lucky were are, even when challenges arise. I am so glad that you stopped by! Thank you so much for your positive comments and for visiting. xx

  2. It’s so great how you have your own garden filled with fresh vegetables and herbs. Cooking an omelet at the age of three–very impressive! I love your blog–will definitely try out some of your recipes. I am looking forward to more posts 😀

    1. I think that we both find comfort, creativity and fun in cooking. I love your blog and am looking forward to trying many of your recipes. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving kind comments – I am constantly humbled by the generous words and warm encouragement by amazing cooks and great bloggers (like you!).

  3. Thank you for your visit Shanna…it has led me to you and your wonderful blog! It’s a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to perusing your blog.

  4. We have surprisingly similar backgrounds, Shanna. I even thought one of the pictures you posted looked like me when I was younger! Walking, wine, reading, photography, communications as a career, cooking at an early age… And did you check out my name? Not my alter ego Vinny but my real-world name? Except for two letters, it’s identical to yours… so not completely identical but comparable. Spooky.:). Anyway, just one of those coincidences in life, I guess. I love your recipes and will follow your posts. Have fun!

    1. Hi, Sharon! I am continuing to be surprised by how much we have in common. It is such a neat experience to connect with other bloggers through food. Happy walking, wine drinking, reading… and blogging! 🙂 Oh, and I am quite impressed by your background and what is has culminated into – and your blog is super, of course.

    1. Hi, Anne. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your warm and heartfelt comments. Your blog is dynamic and fascinating – I look forward to seeing more of the world through the eyes of Anne. Your adventures in India look amazingly fun! Namaste. 🙂

  5. Hey Shanna! You started following my blog so I wanted to check out your blog and say, “Hi!” Your blog is wonderful girlfriend!! It’s a pleasure to e-meet you, and I look forward to getting to know you better! Celeste 🙂

    1. Celeste – Thank you for your encouraging and sweet note. I appreciate all of the support and enthusiasm. Oh, I am loving your blog! The bars you posted recently look completely decadent and stunning – plus healthful. Have a great day – and happy cooking. 🙂 – Shanna

  6. Hi Shanna – I have garden envy now! Lovely post with lovely photos – your children look adorable too. Looking forward to going through your posts. I am following you too now! Selma

    1. Anne. Well, of course I accept. I am moved by your recognition and generous words. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Your blog is a special place. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you so much for the nomination, Ann. 🙂 Shanna

      1. Oh, lovely. I like fruit cakes, too – dried, sweet fruit that is a little crunchy – yum. I had mine with fruit and eight (yes, I counted) squares of dark chocolate. Tea was chamomile, my favorite – manzanilla in Spain, where I discovered it. Best wishes!

  7. Exactly your blog clock says its 10.56pm that why I thought you were almost going to sleep…you should adjust it…thanks and have a lovely evening!!!

    1. Hi, Marina. Thank you so much for your generous comments and warm words. I have enjoyed your blog immensely and am looking forward to more beautiful photos and mouth-watering recipes at Zitronen und Olivenöl! Have lovely day (in beautiful Germany!). – Warmly, Shanna

    2. Oh, Marina (in Munich!), thank you for your generous and warm comments. They are very much appreciated. I look forward to exploring Zitronen und Olivenöl with vigor – the name of your blog is quite scrumptious, indeed! Warmly, Shanna

    1. Oh, my! A member of the tribe! Michal: an elegant name for a gorgeous woman – and her beautiful food. I just checked out your “about” page and found it so interesting! A bakery; how impressive. I am happy to be following your blog in the Land of Milk and Honey. Thank you for stopping by; I am glad you are hear. Shalom – Shanna

  8. Hello Shanna,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I started it to keep my daughter company as she began exploring blogging, but I’m having a lot of fun sharing the things I’m cooking. I look forward to exploring your recipes in more detail.


  9. Have you heard the revised Hanuka story? I like to be accurate , but I must say I am partial the miraculous oil! But come to think of it both stories are miraculous!

  10. Hello Shanna, you have a gorgeous blog here! Love the way you write… I think we are similar in lots of ways (though Aaron and I don’t have little ones yet… maybe in a year or two!). Looking forward to reading through some of your archives. Happy New Year! x

    1. Thank you, Laura. You are very kind. I frequent your blog, as you probably know. Hehe. Having kids is wonderful… but make sure to go out a lot to know while you have complete freedom. 😉 I appreciate your visit and your sweet note. My best to you and Aaron. – Shanna

    1. Thank you for recognizing Curls and Carrots in such a kind and warm way. I am honored and appreciate the nomination. I hope that you have a wonderful day. I continue to enjoy “visiting” the lovely Selma’s Table. Best wishes, Selma. – Shanna

  11. What a special person you must be, dear Shanna! It’s such a pleasure for me to met you on my and your blog. We could have a problem…my English! Could we jeep in touch in Italian? So I could be sure to say exactely what I mean.
    Have a nice day. Arrivederci.

    1. Silva, Thank you so much for such a lovely note! I am enjoying your blog and so glad we “connected” via our kind mutual friend, Anna. On a side-note, your English is perfect. I am so impressed by your bi-lingualism – another amazing quality you possess. Enjoy your week. Best, Shanna (Arrivederci!)

  12. Hi there – thanks so much for popping by my blog and following it Shanna – Love the photo of the tortoise with the carrot! Look forward to more stories. Polianthus

      1. Hi Shanna – how lovely of you to let me know! I really appreciate our virtual community – funny how there is connection although none of us know each other. Have a great week too Shanna, Polianthus

    1. These look and sounds so scrumptious. I love that you have bestowed us with such a fabulous recipe. They will be a favorite in our house, Melissa. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. It is a beautiful post and recipe. Best, Shanna

  13. Hi shanna. ….thanx for all your likes and comments on my blog…..your comments are so appealing and encouraging. ….thanx for those…..lovely blog you have and loved your quote. ….stay connected. ….

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