Kids’ Hot Cocoa

It’s yet another chocolate covered morning at Casa Curls and Carrots!


This morning, the Snu Magoo woke up early. She was hungry for her Ima’s light pumpkin bread – slathered in butter and generously drizzled with honey. She can make even the most salubrious dish lay heavy on the hips. To accompany her morning nosh, she requested scrambled eggs (Abba went to work on this task; after all, he is the chicken farmer!) and homemade hot cocoa. Snu Magoo has good taste!

Hot cocoa is incredibly easy to make. Littlest Guy and Snu Magoo consider the warm beverage an extra special morning treat, especially on a brisk Fall morning.


Once you make your own, homemade hot cocoa, you will never purchase another canister of pre-made hot cocoa mix again.  “Do it yourself” hot cocoa saves you money and allows you to control the amount of sugar in your kids’ drinks.

Feel free to replace the milk, cinnamon and vanilla with almond milk, nutmeg and almond extract to create a delicious, dairy-free version of hot cocoa. The nutmeg and almond extract best compliment the nutty, creamy almond-milk.

DSC_1396The ingredients for homemade hot cocoa are standard pantry staples.

Plus, the recipe comes together in a flash!DSC_1385

 Whisk the cocoa, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon into the hot milk.

DSC_1386The white, plain milk is transformed into a pool of swirling, chocolate delight.


MMMMM, chocolate. This hot cocoa is 100% guaranteed to put a smile on your kids’ sweet little faces.  Let’s get cooking!


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Kids’ Hot Cocoa

Hot. Cocoa. What’s not to like?


2 cups whole milk or un-sweetend, plain almond milk

4 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa

4 Tbsp. granulated, white sugar

1 tsp. pure vanilla vanilla or pure almond extract

1/2 tsp. teaspoon freshly grated cinnamon or nutmeg


1.) Gently warm the milk (or almond milk) over low to medium-low heat, whisking as the milk heats. Heating the milk to quickly will scald the milk.

2.) When the milk is hot, whisk the sugar, cocoa, vanilla (or almond extract) and cinnamon (or nutmeg) into the milk. Whisk vigorously until the cocoa and sugar dissolve into the milk.

3.) Serve immediately – while nice and warm. Enjoy!


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39 thoughts on “Kids’ Hot Cocoa

      1. Dimple – That is lovely. Thank you! I am elated that you tried it out. Full discloser: any adult liqueur of choice would be fabulous for the those of “drinking age.” A nice end to a dinner party… 🙂 I love your blog and am continually impressed by your writing, photography and recipes. Of course, your stories always pull me in. xx Shanna

  1. Yum! Homemade hot cocoa is always better than the ones from the store 😀 I really like how you can control the amount of sugar that goes into it. It is finally starting to get chilly in LA, and this drink is perfect for the cold weather 🙂

    1. Oh, I love hot drinks when it is cold, too! They really warm you up through and through!

      You can definitely use a low-fat milk if you’d like – I use whole milk for the kids, per their pediatrician’s recommendation. Another healthy tip: 3 packets of stevia = 1 Tbsp. of sugar (if it’s a weekday and not a weekend… since you said live more dangerously on Sat. / Sun. hehe).

      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by! I love hearing from you and am looking forward to a new blog post on More Food, Please very soon… 😉

      1. Cool! Let me know what you think! I love using almond milk… Unfortunately, cow’s milk is not my stomach’s friend. LOL. For Stevia, I enjoy the Truvia brand the most. Happy cooking – I am looking forward to your post! Have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. That’s great! I hope that your son enjoys it as much as Snu Magoo and Littlest Guy. I prefer almond milk for me – the flavor is so sweet and nutty, plus it’s chocked full of vitamin E, manganese, selenium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, fiber, phosphorous and calcium – plus essential fatty acids. MMM. Thanks for your lovely comment and for stopping by to read up on what’s happening at Curls and Carrots. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. I make a similar hot cocoa, Shanna, and you’re right. It’s so much better than anything you can buy in a cannister at a market. When kids are involved, as you know, taste isn’t the only consideration. You have to look at the ingredients used and making your own is a great way to control things. How great for your kids to wake up to hot cocoa in the morning. Way to go, Mom!

    1. Thank you, John! You are always so positive and encouraging in all of your comments. I love that you stop by and visit Curls and Carrots. No doubt that your hot cocoa is delicious and uniquely yours! I am looking forward to reading about it on your blog… 😉 You are so right – some of the ingredients in boxes and cans are worrisome, especially when it comes to little ones. Plus, I think that they realize that you have to cook your food (and not simply obtain it from a window or heat it from a box!) from seeing me prepare things and getting involved. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thank you, Sawsan. You are very kind – and sweet – to say such nice things. 🙂 I believe that adding a bit of cinnamon to a hot chocolate drink is Mexican in origin, though I am not completely sure…? I guess we both like a little spice in our life! 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a generous comment.

  3. “….slathered in butter and generously drizzled with honey.” Scrumptious line.

    Isn’t salubrious a great word? It’s right up there with unctuous.

    Snu Magoo looks like she is getting ready to bat her eye lashes at you and ask for another cup!

    Great, simple, economical recipe. Well done, Shanna.

    1. unc·tu·ous
      1.(of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.
      2. (chiefly of minerals) having a greasy or soapy feel.

      Oh, I do like this word! You are constantly expanding my vocabulary and livening up my diction. Thank you. 🙂

      Thank you for your warm and heartfelt words! Oh, and you do know the Snu Magoo well – nothing comes between her and “the good stuff”!

      Simple and economical are very good things, indeed! 😉

  4. I am going to make this right now. I have all these ingredients at hand. It’s not just for kids, right? thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!

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