Just a mom of five taking life one latte at a time.☕️ Find me on Instagram @curlsandcarrots!🥕



29 thoughts on “#gratitude

    1. Thank you, Madame Nicolescu. I am so happy that you stopped by the blog! You should start a blog about all of the awesome restaurants that you and Brian visit in Germany. I love your foodie photos. *Muah*. Have a great weekend.

      1. Thank you, Shanna. It’s just that most women I know who used to cook a lot before they had babies, all but stopped cooking afterwards. Kudos to you!

      2. I don’t want to imagine a world where I don’t cook. Then what would my hubby and I eat? 😉 It’s easy to do what you love with prioritization – I still can’t believe what you do in the kitchen. Amazing.

        I was making a stew and salad for dinner last night at 19:00, the kids fast asleep. Better late than never. Thanks for your cooking encouragement!

      3. On working days I get home around 19:30 and then start cooking. That is usually a pasta dish that is ready in half an hour or less, and I always make sure to have all the groceries already.

      4. That is quite a long day! You must prepare in advance to cook at 19:30, I am sure, with proper groceries and a bit of prep work. Though a glass of wine while cooking seems to curb the hunger. 😉 You eat pasta every night? How are you and your husband so thin? 🙂

      5. The only prep work I do sometimes is put something in the sous-vide cooker 12, 24, 48 or 72 hours before.
        Don’t drink wine when I have to work the next day. Unless it’s a special occasion, which we sometimes make up 😉
        We eat pasta almost every night. We stay thin because we share 1/3 pound of dry pasta between the two of us.

      6. Sous-vide sounds amazing.
        No wine at all? I hear a glass or two a day is great for your health. Or so I tell myself.
        Oh, yes, portion control – good for you – it is easier to eat less when the food is delicious and satisfying! 😉

  1. Oh, your littles are adorable! I really treasure preparing dinner for my family most evenings. I think it’s part of that feeling of family…coming together to enjoy a meal (even something very simple) at the end of the day.

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ll share with us in the coming weeks!
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi, Allison,
      Thank you for your generous and warm words. I also enjoy your blog. Your photos are just exquisite! Your family is so lucky to have a loving mom to cook them delicious meals each night. Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi Shanna–Thanks to *you* for looking through my blog as well! I’m flattered. And I’m impressed that you have as many followers as you do when your blog is relatively new; may I ask your secret?

  3. I love your blog and your recipes are amazing. My husband, Dustin is a PGY5 in Ortho at UNM. Best wishes and thanks for inspiring me to branch out a bit with my cooking….you pulled me out of my cooking rut!

    1. Hi, Lynsey! Thanks for your warm comments and for stopping by. We cook every night. Some meals are simply, others take more preparation, but it is a treat to eat something homemade! Certain recipes, like the quinoa gratin on this site, are a great way to make a few meals at once or leftovers for lunches (better than the cafeteria at UNMH!). I met Dustin about four years ago at a party; he’s a great guy. Best of luck to you both in your new, post-residency adventures!

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