Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Do you ever feel inspired to do something(s) you had been putting off on the home organization front and are suddenly full steam ahead?

Our pantry was a once place we did not particularly like to access, let alone look at. One day, I decided enough was enough. First, a local company was hired to install wood shelving to replace previous wire shelving. Hello, easy cleaning and goodbye items falling through cracks.

Then, I looked at a few photos on Instagram for organizational ideas. No pricey Container store for me. We have seven mouths to feed! Instead, I chose Amazon and Target as financially expedient sources for bins, jars, canisters, chalk labels and beyond. The entire family began to love and use the pantry. Want a snack? There is a clearly labeled bin for that. Feel like making pancakes? No need to scavenge through boxes and bags for vanilla, chocolate chips, etc. Sandwich time? The bread box is in full view and the peanut butter sits on a magical turntable.

The most important part of the pantry makeover was getting rid of unused and unneeded. We choose to buy what know will be in demand, as opposed to buying large amounts of things that may or may not be a hit or in daily rotation. This not only saves space but allows accurate assessment of how much storage gear to purchase.

Minimalism and either throwing away or donating is a religion in this house. We have extra space in the pantry a couple of months out as opposed to less. I credit decluttering, organization and accessibility. For example, after emptying the kitchen cabinets and donated many items, we find the kitchen to be a more calm, family-friendly space.

Within days, the once scary pantry of doom became a bright and happy space to be proud of. Our little corner of the world felt even more joyful. In the midst of COVID19, organizing, cleaning and beautifying our home has become more fulfilling than ever. It is important to love where we live, look at and we spend time.

Another area that had been left by it’s lonesome was my closet. This was put a while before the job was tackled. I watched an episode of Home Edit on Netflix for ideas and inspiration and went to work.

First, offseason or ill-fitting clothes and those not frequently worn were donated or store. Then, the necessitated amount of bins and hangers were purchased (thanks,!). Finally, clothes were careful folded and hung functionally. For example, workout gear is on two parallel shelves. Basically, each closet section has it’s own “category.” Then each category is divided by function for ease of selection (i.e. sun or work dress; short or long sleeve; capri or full length leggings; active or street wear). You get the drift.

Undergarments, socks, scarves, mittens and the kit-and-caboodle of loose items are divided into easily accessible bins that could bins. Folded items were stacked in an identical fashion, folded edge facing out. Fully for visual appeal, hanging and folded garments were itemized by color and texture. At this point, I was all in, so why not make a “rainbow”!

My friend Suzanne came for a visit and helped me tackle the second floor linen closet. We used the same technique: first organize by function and use, then by color. The only major hurdle was tackling folding a fitted sheet. Fortunately, Suzanne came to the rescue. We carefully folded and placed everything with the folded edge facing out and created a rainbow of towels and linens.

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“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue. Clouds high over the rainbow, makes all your dreams come true.” – Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, The Wizard of Oz

2 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. I have the next two weeks off work and not much I can do because of the pandemic, so I will be tidying up, too. My closets and pantry won’t look as nice as yours though!
    I should also tidy up my office, which I have been putting off ever since I started working from home in March! My colleagues have been treated to a view of my messy office and will be surprised what it will look like after the break.

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